Why Argabrow?

Argabrow - Natural Eyebrows Serum  

Argabrow is a completely natural premium product made specially to nourish natural eyebrows. Our product is mainly based on a very high quality argan oil which we produce in optimal conditions for this sole purpose. Our serum is made from a unique argan species that was developed in Israel and we have a patent over it and it is also blended with the very unique & precious cactus seed oil.

Our product is designed in such a way that the eyebrow will receive the exact amount needed for daily care nourish with a single brush 

Argabrow contains very high amounts of 'active vitamin E' (5%), which helps to rejuvenate skin and hair cells and nourish hair follicles. Studies had shown that it can increase the hair growth rate by up to 42% per year.

Our body doesn't produce vitamin E naturally, therefore we must provide it from other sources either by consumption or by simply manually spreading it over our skin and letting it absorb in

The recommended treatment duration is 6-8 weeks of daily use, before going to bed simply brush each eyebrow once and let the oil absorb in to the area (it takes about 7-8 minutes to fully absorb in).